ZoomLight™ Tactical Led Flashlight

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The brightest flashlight that fits in the palm of your  hands has just landed in the USA and is generating a great deal of controversy on numerous social media networks. It is enjoyed by those who love the outdoors, the open road or sailing the vast ocean waters. Highly recommended to their peers and even as a gift it to family and friends.


Did you know that when someone takes a photo of you with a flash at night, your eyes take at least 3 minutes to recover full vision?

Now, imagine having in your hands a “beam of light” 200 times more powerful! It would blind a dangerous animal or an attacker for several minutes. Enough time to give one an advantage to escape!

The new  “ZoomLight™ Tactical LED Flashlight” makes it all possible.

A practical, portable, self-defense tool can be the difference between life and death.

This powerful, and compact tactical flashlight has become very popular among both men, and women.


  • 1x Tactical Flashlight – 800-1000 Lumens – 2000X Zoom *Batteries not included

Our customers are very pleased with the Tactical Flashlight. It is designed under the highest standards of quality. The body of the flashlight is made of aluminum that has aerospace grade material, built to resist the toughest conditions.

With the power on this Tactical Flashlight, you can trust us when we say you have the “world’s brightest flashlight” in your hands.

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